On the Way to Cost Containment in Health Benefits

A TPA Leading by Experience & Innovation

Since 2000, Cypress Benefit Administrators has been pioneering the way toward cost containment in health benefits. We realized that the traditional approach to employee benefits administration wasn’t working, and became the first third party administrator (TPA) in the United States to pave a totally different path. By merging benefits/claims administration, consumer driven health plans, and proven cost control measures together into one package, we’ve developed a system that delivers high quality benefits while saving our clients money.


Customized Health Benefits

Cypress is a privately held organization based in the Upper Midwest with headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, and additional locations in Nebraska, Colorado and Oregon.  We believe that a benefit administrator must adapt to the constantly changing health care landscape and the ever-evolving needs of each client. This is done by offering stability, yet continuous change – combining the fundamentals with new ideas and innovation.


The outcome? Customized employee benefit programs that combine the right mix of health care coverage to make sense for self-funded plans covering a minimum of 50 members/dependents to thousands. With Cypress, you can:

  • Minimize and eliminate costly health claims,
  • Involve employees in the decision-making process,
  • Modify your health benefits plan however and whenever necessary,
  • Experience significant savings!

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