Argus Claim Review

In-Depth Medical Claim Review Services

Argus Claim Review logoA division of Cypress Benefit Administrators, Argus Claim Review guards against costly medical billing errors, overcharges and issues with health claims processing. It is designed to be the most comprehensive fraud protection and code editing program in the self-funded insurance industry. With over $700 billion worth of waste in health care each year, this all-encompassing medical claim review and administration service is constantly working to catch and correct any problems, so you’re protected from paying too much.


Our Claims Processing Approach

  • Checks for accuracy of hospital bills
  • Reviews medical claim charges line by line
  • Assesses medical necessity
  • Examines full medical records
  • Initiates peer independent reviews when necessary
  • Results in health claim reduction


Real Results

Clients are very pleased with the cost-savings results our Argus Claim Review provides. Here’s just one example:


“Out of about 300,000 claims that were reviewed for us, we had over $125,000 in savings. That’s very impressive to us. It’s a lot of money in our plan.”

- Mary Eriksen, Sapp Bros, Inc.


More on medical claims review/processing:

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