Cypress Videos: Cypress University 2014

Achieving Buy-In with an Employee Wellness Program

Cypress University 2014:
The Evolution of Wellness: A Can't-Miss Employee Wellness Program

Jim Miller, KardioFit

The healthier your workforce, the easier it is to contain employee benefit costs. But how do you get employees on board with a corporate wellness plan? In this presentation, Jim Miller of KardioFit introduces a solution that:

  • Focuses on promoting workplace health
  • Applies to participants of all fitness levels
  • Rewards healthy efforts for various activities
  • Tracks progress using a state-of-the-art biometric device

Cypress University was first held in 2012 and has evolved into an annual conference that focuses on ways to contain the escalating costs of health benefits. The Cypress-hosted event brings together some of the top minds in the self-funded industry and introduces next-generation solutions designed to keep employee benefit expenses in check.

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