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Cypress University doesn’t stop educating you after class is dismissed at the annual cost containment conference. We’re dedicated to year-round education by keeping you informed of industry trends, sharing opinions from experts, and cost containment results from programs you can implement today.



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Fiduciary Responsibility

By offering a self-funded plan, you are agreeing to be subject to and regulated by ERISA, the Federal law that makes the rules on…Read More



MRI cost comparison

Provider Transparency

Oddly, it seems that patients spend more energy researching the best TV or automobile than they do the best health care provider. Why is that, when patients… Read More





Latest Innovations In Telemedicine

Telemedicine has a proven track record of lowering medical costs. Fundamentally, it’s far less expensive to call a doctor through a telemedicine service than it is to… Read More





Medical Tourism

Domestic Medical Tourism

Since lowering healthcare costs depends largely on the costs of different facilities, why should members be limited by where they live? Read More






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Reference-Based Pricing/Value-Based Payments

Reference Based Pricing

Wellness Programs


Chronic Kidney Disease Management



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