Reference Based Pricing


Cypress prides itself in being ahead of the curve when it comes to new and innovative ideas to control health care costs; Reference Based Pricing is one of these ideas. RBP, also commonly referred to as Value Based Payments, provides a provider reimbursement program that pays based on Medicare rates as opposed to PPO discounts. Now, these programs are sweeping the country, with more employers implementing RBP language into their healthcare plans every year.


Andy Core The Future of Wellness Keynote Presentation

Critical Update: Chronic Kidney Disease Management & Value Based Payments

Shelley Grace, Renalogic & Ryan Day, HST

Cypress University 2017

The Newest Innovations in Reference Based Pricing

The Newest Innovations in Reference Based Pricing

Ed Day, HST and Cindy Hom, Medwatch

Cypress University 2016

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