Tom's Take Blog

February 4, 2015

Do hospitals really overcharge for something as simple as a dose of aspirin?

Yes. The media reports aren’t exaggerating. We see real instances of this in our claim review process every day. The one example I refer to time and again is the $87 shoulder sling. It seems absolutely unthinkable, but a patient was billed this much for a simple sling that cost just $7 when the same one was researched online. That’s a mark-up of over 1,142%!


While it’s easy for people to focus on the big-ticket items when reviewing their health claims, it’s become just as important to do a thorough, line-by-line examination of all charges. Along with checking for absurd numbers in the “billed amount” section, be sure to review the quantities listed and watch for duplicate entries. Does something seem out of whack? Not sure about the date a medication or treatment was administered? Don’t be afraid to follow up and ask your questions!


Being overcharged for something like a single dose of aspirin or a basic shoulder sling might not seem like a big deal, but those little mistakes can cost you plenty over time.

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