Your Go-To Resource for Everything HR … Just a Click Away!

Looking for information and answers regarding Health Care Reform? Seeking a clear explanation of your state’s employment laws? Want to ensure you’re in compliance with the latest benefits regulations? Need the proper paperwork for a new hire?


As an employer-client of Cypress Benefit Administrators, you have access to all of this info and more with HR360! From Health Care Reform and COBRA to hiring and termination, HR360 provides the guidelines, tips and tools you need to stay compliant.


Your Online HR Department

HR360 provides a comprehensive online library filled with all types of resources covering key topics, including: employee benefits, recruitment and hiring, wellness and safety programs, state and federal laws and termination. It keeps you up-to-date on the latest HR news alerts and breaks down complex regulations like COBRA and FMLA into easy-to-understand, step-by-step explanations. It also provides:


  • Forms and Policies – 500+ forms and checklists, along with downloadable state and federal posters
  • How-to Tools – Guides for administering COBRA and other benefits, interviewing and performance reviews; a job description builder; and a customizable employee handbook are just a few samples
  • Powerful Search Functionality – The ability to enter searches and narrow by your state or topic


No need to navigate multiple websites or scan piles of materials to find answers to your HR questions. Simply log in to HR360 and find everything quickly and easily  – organized in one place.

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