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  • Cypress Benefit Administrators Welcomes New Director of Sales to TPA Firm
    (As seen on Rockford Register Star, International Business Times and other major media websites)
    News Release – August 6, 2019
    Joining the team at Cypress Benefit Administrators, Justin Meissner has been hired as the director of sales for the TPA firm’s Denver location. Meissner will head up the overall sales effort, with a focus on captive insurance, reference-based pricing (RBP) and self-funded benefit plans. Read More.
  • Popular Employee Benefits Conference Wraps Up After Two Days of Educational Panels & Presentations
    (As seen on The Buffalo News, Daily Times Leader and other major media websites)
    News Release – May 16, 2019
    A top conference in the employee benefits industry, the 2019 installment of Cypress University wrapped up in Las Vegas. Hosted by Cypress Benefit Administrators, attendees learned about the latest in everything from stop loss and specialty drugs to reference-based pricing (RBP) and health plan data. Read More.
  • Top Industry Conference Focused on Employee Benefits Returns to Las Vegas Today
    (As seen on Bio-Medicine, Erie News Now and other major media websites)
    News Release – May 14, 2019
    Cypress University has returned to Las Vegas for the eighth consecutive year with two days’ worth of educational sessions focused on cost containment strategies for self-funding. The conference is organized by Cypress Benefit Administrators, an experienced TPA, and features a lineup of acclaimed benefits professionals. Read More.
  • TPA Keeps Average Health Plan Cost Increase Under 1% for Second Year in a Row
    (As seen on International Business Times, Daily Herald and other major media websites)
    News Release – April 25, 2019
    Cypress Benefit Administrators released its annual cost trends data for 2018, and the numbers show that the average cost increase for the benefit plans the TPA administered was contained to just .06%. Continuing a history of savings, the average Per Employee Per Year (PEPY) cost was only $9,815 for Cypress plans compared to $18,734 on a national level. Read More.
  • President of TPA Firm to Lead Super Session on Cost Containment Solutions for Health Plans at Benefits Symposium
    (As seen on Boston Herald, Star Tribune and other major media websites)
    News Release – April 11, 2019
    Invited back to present at the 2019 LBG Advisors Benefits Symposium, Tom Doney of Cypress Benefit Administrators will lead a “Super Session” on cost containment solutions for health plans. He’ll explain the variety of programs available and also talk about which solutions Cypress clients are having success with and the kind of savings results they’ve experienced. Read More.
  • Cypress Benefit Administrators Partners with HealthJoy to Offer Tech-Savvy Solution for Employee Engagement
    (As seen on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle and other major media websites)
    News Release – July 31, 2018
    Cypress Benefit Administrators recently announced a new partnership with HealthJoy to offer employer-clients a solution that will help employees make smarter health care decisions. The easy-to-use, mobile-based app combines resources for members to access online doctors and health care concierge as well as prescription savings and other cost containment strategies all in one place. Read More.
  • Average Health Plan Cost Goes Up Less than 1% for TPA’s Employer-Clients
    (As seen on One News Page, News OK and other major media websites)
    News Release – May 31, 2018
    Releasing its annual cost trend data for 2017, Cypress Benefit Administrators announced that it was able to keep its plan cost increase to just .69% last year. The third party administrator shares more results for staying under trend, including the company’s success in averaging a 1.44% increase for Cypress plans over the last six years vs. 6.25% nationally. Read More.
  • Employee Benefits Conference Wraps Up After Presenting Real-World Strategies to Contain Plan Costs
    (As seen on the Star Tribune, Press-Telegram and other major media websites)
    News Release – April 30, 2018
    Wrapping up its 7th annual conference in Las Vegas, Cypress University featured a full line-up of sessions that focused on cost containment solutions in self-funding. Some of the topics covered include reference/value-based pricing, employee engagement, chronic care management, stop loss insurance and opioid addiction. Read More.
  • Annual Conference Focused on Ways to Control Employee Benefit Costs is Back in Session
    (As seen on the Daily Herald, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and other major media websites)
    News Release – April 25, 2018
    Cypress University has returned to Las Vegas for two days of learning with presentations and panels from experts in the employee benefits industry. This popular conference from Cypress Benefit Administrators will share real-world strategies and solutions self-funded employers can use to keep health plan costs in check. Read More.
  • TPA Integrates Medical Concierge Solution to Contain Costs & Enhance Health Care Transparency
    (As seen on International Business Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other major media websites)
    News Release – March 6, 2018
    Cypress Benefit Administrators is collaborating with Hostcare Resources to offer its employer-clients a medical concierge/travel solution that focuses on quality and cost containment. With it, health plan members are able to have surgical procedures done at Centers of Excellence throughout the U.S. and save thousands of dollars in the process. Read More.
  • TPA Identifies 3 Focus Areas that Contributed to Added Claim Savings for Health Plans
    (As seen on Star Tribune, NewsOK and other major media websites)
    News Release – January 29, 2018
    Cypress Benefit Administrators shares how it was able to save its clients $4.3 million in 2017 by focusing on three specific areas in claim review. The third party administrator (TPA) explains the impact its emphasis on lab services, ICD coding and SPECT testing had when scrutinizing health claims. Read More.

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