Medical Advocate Program (MAP)

Advancing Cost Containment in Health Benefits

Who performs the most health care procedures each year? Which providers received the best ratings? Who offers the most cost-effective pricing? These are just a sampling of the many questions considered by the Medical Advocate Program (MAP).



Education is the key in successfully transitioning to a self-directed healthcare program and actively involving your employees. Designed to be a comprehensive resource bank that’s just a phone call away, Cypress Benefit Administrator’s Medical Advocate Program offers the one-on-one guidance from medical professionals needed to find the most cost-effective medical options and explore all practical alternatives.


A Medical Advocate Program is the first resource that works in direct partnership with employees to actively involve them in making health care decisions and guide them to becoming more informed purchasers. It also lowers employers’ costs by assisting with pre-authorization of specialty care and services.


Program Offerings


MAP Services

  • A Call Center offering one-on-one guidance in finding the most suitable, cost-effective medical options
  • Saves employers money by helping patients receive only medically-necessary
    and appropriate procedures
  • Improves employees’ quality of care
  • Provides a continuity of care by filling the void HIPAA liability creates for HR departments
  • Gets employees back to work faster and with fewer complications

What guidance can the MAP give to Employees?

  • Cost and quality information on area physicians and facilities
  • Medical questions requiring the expertise of a Registered Nurse (RN) or physician
  • Help accessing online information specific to a certain illness
  • Questions on alternative treatment options
  • Advice on what kinds of questions to ask physicians about symptoms or ailments
  • Local contact information for organizations, social services or support groups
  • Solutions to problems getting the medical services needed when needed

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