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Time for a Health Insurance Comparison?

With such a multitude of health insurance plans and employee health benefits out there to choose from and third party administrators (TPAs) to work with, we thought it might be helpful to show you what sets Cypress Benefit Administrators apart. See what makes consumer driven health plans, and more specifically, The Cypress Solution, the right choice for U.S. businesses of all sizes looking to make affordable healthcare a reality.

Our Consumer Driven Health Plans

How does Your Current Benefits Administrator Compare? (coming soon...)
Results of Consumer Driven Health Plans (PowerPoint)
Removing the Employer Tax Deduction (Word)

Service Area Information

Medical Risk Management – Fraud and Abuse (PowerPoint)
ARGUS Claim Review (PowerPoint)
ARGUS Case Studies (PDFs)
Client Monthly Reports – Sample (PDF)
Disease Management (PowerPoint)

Cypress Benefit Administrators is a TPA specializing in affordable healthcare through custom employee benefits and medical coverage for clients across the Midwest, East/West Coasts and Northern/Southern U.S.