The Cypress Solution

A Smarter Approach to Benefits Administration

The Solution to Medical Benefits Management

Payroll is an employer's largest expense, but what comes next? It's the cost of employee benefit plans. With U.S. healthcare rates on the rise and projected to hit 3.6 trillion dollars in the next few years, finding ways to manage costs and offer affordable employee health/medical benefits today is crucial.

That's where The Cypress Solution comes in. This comprehensive set of medical risk management tools – consisting of benefits administration, cost control, employee wellness and data management – is based on a proven four-step process designed to provide smart, affordable health care. It's an innovative option for self-funded group health plans as it combats skyrocketing expenses. (See real cost-savings data for Cypress clients.)

1. Claim Reduction/Elimination

Reducing and/or eliminating the number of claims through assessments and advocacy

How does it Work?

  • Cypress's one-of-a-kind 'Thrive' employee wellness program
    • Health risk assessments
    • Incentives for good health/behaviors
    • Disease management
    • Medical advocacy
    • Active engagement in health initiatives

2. Employee Information/Decision Assistance

Making employees active participants in the decision-making process

How does it Work?

  • Employees become healthcare consumers instead of users
    • Medical advocacy
    • Consumer driven health plans
  • Program offerings
    • Disease Management
    • Cypress Online
    • Health Grades System
    • Medical Tourism
    • On-Site Medical

3. Cost Management

Monitoring claims carefully and managing costs when they are incurred

How does it Work?

  • Careful review of healthcare billing
    • ARGUS Claim Review
    • Medical claims processing audits
    • Fraud and abuse detection
    • Intelligent claim surveillance
    • Unbundling/upcoding review
  • Cost preparation/negotiation
    • Drug Cost Management
    • Organ Transplant Carve-Out Insurance
    • PPO discounts
    • Individual negotiation
    • Upfront claim financing

4. Employer Data Management and Information/Decision Assistance

Tracking plan effectiveness and making adjustments as necessary

How does it Work?

  • Constant tracking and reporting
    • Cypress Online
    • Client-specific reports
    • Comprehensive monthly reports
    • Regular client meetings
  • Option Review
    • Predictive/plan modeling
    • Introduction to other products
    • Unique stop-loss options

Cypress Benefit Administrators is a TPA specializing in affordable healthcare through custom employee benefits and medical coverage for clients across the Midwest, East/West Coasts and Northern/Southern U.S.