What They’re Saying About Us

Our philosophy for employee benefits administration focuses on three main things: saving people money, minimizing employer risk and making every interaction with our clients a positive one. Hear from some of our partners to see how Cypress is delivering on these promises in the work we do as a TPA every day.


Kurt Ridder, Spectrum (00:57)

Excerpt: "Every TPA says that they can manage claims rather than just pay them … not all of them can do it well. Cypress does it well."

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Adam Russo, The Phia Group (00:38)

Excerpt: "There are very few TPAs in the country that I would allow to spend my money. Cypress is one of them."

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Beata Mady, HM Insurance Group (00:33)

Excerpt: "… I think the reason why your loss ratios are running so well with Cypress is because … they bring specific vendors to manage those costs."

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Jonathan Socko, East Coast Underwriters-1 (00:43)

Excerpt: "We look at our loss ratios with Cypress, and it’s probably the best [of] any TPA we work with …"

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Jonathan Socko, East Coast Underwriters-2 (00:24)

Excerpt: "Finding the right partners is absolutely critical. You’ve definitely struck gold with working with Cypress."

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Steve Butz, IMG Stop Loss (00:34)

Excerpt: "Cypress does a great job of managing cost …"

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Pete Doran, IHC Risk Solutions (00:35)

Excerpt: "… the reason that you partner with Cypress is, we have the opportunity … to get … all the data and real-time information … and the quicker we can get that data, the quicker [we can do] all those good things that keep your plan costs lower."

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Tami Bloedorn, Keller (00:25)

Excerpt: "We have been with Cypress since 2006 … having those good relationships really helps … in keeping things low cost."

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Brian Voss (00:38)

Excerpt: "I think Cypress does a very good job … if employees are traveling outside of our territory … very few claims are actually processed out of network …"

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