Thrive Employee Wellness Program

Claim Reduction & Plan Savings through Workplace Health

Employers can play a key role in health claim reduction and plan savings through advocacy and assessments. Our comprehensive employee wellness program, Thrive, has had some great results. Once implemented in the workplace, it helps get your at-risk population healthier and keep your healthy population on track. A few of Thrive’s main components:


  • On-site health risk assessment with published results
  • Professional coaching and follow up
  • Employee incentives for participation and health improvement
  • On-site medical
  • Disease management
  • Medical advocacy


Our Own Wellness Plan Results
When it comes to advocating employee wellness, Cypress walks the walk. By implementing the same wellness plan we encourage our employer-clients to adopt, Cypress’s employees have become healthier, and we’ve reduced our overall plan costs by 13% in the last five years. On top of that, we were recognized by the Wellness Council of America with:



More on employee wellness programs:

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