Utilization, Case & Disease Management

A Focus on Long-Term Care

Cypress Benefit Administrators’ Utilization, Case, and Disease Management programs work together to help ensure members are receiving the highest quality & cost-effective care and treatment options available. These programs also focus on patients’ long-term healthcare needs and provide the support, education, and resources necessary to focus on recovery and wellness.


By offering these three integrated management services, cases are continually monitored to ensure the quality and appropriateness of care and avoid any preventable high-cost procedures or hospitalizations. A dedicated team of professionals is assigned to cases to help serve the individual, ongoing needs of each patient. Special emphasis is placed on the most expensive treatments – oncology, neonatology, renal disease – by ongoing consultation with the nation’s most highly qualified experts, leading to more effective outcomes and lower costs.


Plan Offerings

Utilization Management

  • Continual case monitoring to assure quality and appropriateness of care

Case Management

  • Member education
  • Treatment facilitation
  • Support group and system identification
  • Minimize complications through health management
  • Follow-up reporting
  • Encouragement of lifestyle changes and behavior modification
  • Financial option assessment for plan and member

Disease Management

  • Disease-specific education
  • Program benefit communication
  • Incentive information
  • Coaching and counseling of diseases such as asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure and hypertension


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